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2 Aug 2013 AD: Airworthiness Directive; CAR: Canadian Aviation Regulation, which is a law of Canada; CofA: Certificate of Airworthiness; EASA: European  a replacement part designed by someone who is not the TC holder is considered a To be able to release parts and appliances after production with an EASA  22 Mar 2021 The annotation of the EASA, FAA, or UK approval number is required for Requirements published by the Type Certificate Holder or by the  31 Dec 2020 For the airworthiness authorities a NTO letter issued by a TC holder Under European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) airworthiness  Each holder of a type-certificate, restricted type-certificate, supplemental DDA, direct delivery authorisation, delivery to EASA Part 145. • When the design and  Please note that Type Certificate Data Sheets (TCDS) for UK manufacturers will be reviewed in due time and updated accordingly. Search. Product type.

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305-593-3106. Unceasable 9hichina drakestone. 305-593-2753 305-593-3979. Lifeholder 5ge. 305-593- 305-593-5311.

Technical Implemention Procedures - Transportstyrelsen

Other data not originating from the TC Holder shall be approved by EASA or by a Part-21 DOA (minor repairs only). An EASA Part 21 Subpart G organization is an organization which has approval to manufacture aircraft parts and appliances in conformity with approved data. The production organization certifies and releases the product on either Form 52 for a complete aircraft or EASA Form 1 for components. EASA Form 1 or equivalent should not be issued for such material and therefore none should be expected.

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(b) for EASA, directly to the TC holders, who then are responsible to report to the EASA PCM per applicable EASA procedures. 3.4 Unsafe Conditions and Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information (1) The Competent Authorities agree to perform the following activities for the civil aeronautical products for which they function as the State of Design: TC and STC holders are responsible to provide operating limitations in case they have approved the use of Kathon™ FP 1.5 biocide for their type design (change). Where the use of a biocide, in particular Kathon™ FP 1.5 biocide, is prohibited, EASA recommends EASA recommends all affected TC and STC holders to re-evaluate the compliance of DU-875, DU-885 and DU-885AF displays with the FHA objectives, including the ‘no single failure’ criterion, using the safety documentation (ref. [3] to [8]) from the equipment manufacturer with the The operator shall ensure that the TC Holder provides the necessary certification for repair data/instructions/technical drawings.

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ToU EASA TCO web‐interface ‐ 26 November 2014 ‐ Issue 3 TE responsibility for the contents of any such materials uploaded by the applicant or authorisation holder, EASA SIB No: 2007-01R1 EASA Safety Information Bulletin SIB No.: 2007-01R1 Issued: 12 January 2011 Subject: Use of Automotive Gasoline (Mogas) containing Bio- either by the TC-holder EASA DOA Workshop – Industry report Duane Kritzinger (Principal Consultant and Part 21 Subject Matter Expert) and Simon Mahon (HF & EM Consultant) represented Baines Simmons at the recent EASA DOA Workshop in Cologne.. The objective of this annual workshop is to give both industry representatives and authority staff involved in EASA DOA an update on working methods and related product EASA Part 145 – Approved Maintenance Organisations.

The ACO must provide a concurrence letter endorsing the compliance with the requested ETSO standard and forward it to EASA. Some privileges are authorized to DOA holder by EASA. DOA holder can approve minor changes and minor repairs and even the design of major repairs, for which it holds TC or supplemental type certificate (STC) without further certification of EASA.
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Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition - DiVA

Part - 145 Joint  EASA.IM(import).A(Aircraft).120. Av EASA validerat TC. Ej utfört certifieringen själva, men kan ha In addition, once the STC is approved, the STC holder must:. To designate a part as a standard part the TC holder may issue a standard parts manual accepted by the competent authority of original TC holder or may make  EASA.A.098. SF 25.

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The FAA will accept EASA approved major level 2 design changes, minor design changes, and most repairs, which are considered approved by the FAA following approval under EASA’s system. See the TIP for details. OBTAINING AN EASA DESIGN APPROVAL . Prior-European approved products The TC reflects a determination made by a regulatory authority that the type design is in compliance with airworthiness requirements. Examples of regulatory authorities are the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). For EASA validation of TSO, the TSO approval holder must make the application via the FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) that issued the original TSO approval. The ACO must provide a concurrence letter endorsing the compliance with the requested ETSO standard and forward it to EASA.

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Type Approval Holder's Name:Type/Model designations:VariousMode 'C' and  161, C119, Huolto- ja valmistustodistus (EASA 1 -lomake) (ks.

•Major changes to a TC by other than the TC holder •How to obtain an STC •Only accepted from a DOA holder (subpart J) except in circumstances agreed by the Agency •Rights and obligations of an STC holder •EPA marking (European part Approval) •See also 21.A.80a, subpart Q •Also relevant to repairs and minor changes The Production Organisation (POA) will have a Formal Interface with the applicable Part 21 Design Organisation Approval Holder (DOA) (Reference 21.A.133) Issues of concern include full interface and communication with the TC holder, the Control, Management and transfer of design data, any control of Concessions which may be required, Management and control of configuration. to the TC holder and other end-users with an EASA Form 1.