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Zone Offroad 2 Zone Offroad 2 Body Lift Kit 4x4 Gas Motor Pn J9200 For 1997 2006 Wrangler Tj. $108.75. The Jeep Wrangler body lift kits offered here are available in multiple heights. Find the Wrangler YJ, TJ, JK or JL lift kit you need for some extra room to install larger tires. Frame visibility can be concealed with the addition of GAP GUARDS that are inserted within the wheel wells. The 1.25 body lift can be used to gain needed clearance for high clearance skid plates (tummy tucks). It requires no modifications to the fuel tank, air conditioning, radiator, and brakes. Fits 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ Models.

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This lift won’t affect your center of gravity, spring rate or steering geometry, so you can fit the bigger tires and eliminate rubbing without any problems. TJ 1.25" Body lift is a good way of getting some extra tyre clearance and still maintaining low centre of gravity JKS offers an economical solution to tire clearance problems, without affecting center of gravity, spring rate or steering geometry like suspension modifications. I am thinking about adding a 1.25 body lift to my 97 tj that already has a 4" suspension lift. I just got off the chat line with Rough Country and they tell me i need to do a MML if i install the 1.25 body lift. Jeep TJ Body Lift 1.25 Inch 97-06 Wrangler TJ/LJ TNT Customs. 1.25 inch Extreme Body Lift for Wrangler TJ and LJ. Includes our 6 high clearance body mounts as well as 5 polyurethane standard body lift pucks to complete the kit.The body mounts on Jeep Wrangler TJ's and LJ's are prone to getting caught in the rocks. The 1.25" TJ Body Lift by Rough Country is the most complete and economical solution to tire clearance problems that does not affect your driveline, the spring rate or the steering geometry of the TJ. This Rough Country Body Lift provides a full 1.25" of additional tire clearance, as opposed to the standard 1" provided by most other manufacturers.

6" Jeep Long Arm Suspension Lift Kit Jeep Wrangler TJ

Take your Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ anywhere with JKS JSPEC suspension systems and upgrades. All components are designed and tested right here in the USA. JKS offers shock absorbers, coil springs, sway bar disconnects, HD track bars, fixed and adjustable control arms, adjustable spring spacers, spring mounts, bump stops, sho 2011-07-01 · Body lifts often don't get a fair shake. People don't consider larger body lifts safe, and say that the gaps they cause between the body and the frame look goofy, which is true of a 3+ inch lift, but a small one or two inch body lift can be a safe and effective. Pros: Cheap (between $100 and $200) Easier to install than a suspension lift; Cons Most complete JK body lift kit on the market!

Tj 1.25 body lift

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Tj 1.25 body lift

The one-inch body- lifts, they do not require any modifications to such things as: A/C lines, gas tank filler tubes, radiator drop down brackets, etc  1" Budget Motor Mounts TJ/LJ/YJ(4 and 6 cyl.) Learn More Add to Cart. 1.25" Body Lift TJ/LJ Learn More 1.25" Body Lift CJ5 & CJ7, 1976-86 Learn More. Rough Country 1.25" Body Lift Kit (fits) 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ LJ (Fits: Jeep Wrangler). **Official Rough Country eBay Store**. Brand New. C $125.26.

Tj 1.25 body lift

TJ Aluminum Body Mount Spacer Kit. The perfect compliment to our TJ Boatside Body Mounts, these CNC machined Aluminum Spacers allow you to get a 1.25" body lift on the radiator and the four rear most body mounts if you do not already have a pre-existing body lift kit.
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This 2017-01-18 TJ Rear Stinger Tire Carrier - 1.25" Body Lift: Scroll down for additional photos below product description.

1 348,00 Hjul spacers 1.25(32mm) 5x4.5 röd. Jeep Cherokee/Wrangler XJ/YJ/TJ 1984-2006. 1 830,64  but all have a typical felid body with upright ears, forward-looking eyes adapted for nocturnal foraging, protractible claws, and a sinuous, flexible body.
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In my opinion, you should get a MML (motor mount lift) at the same time, to avoid any of those issues. I have installed 3 body lift/motor mount lift combos and there have been no other issues or modifications that had to be made.

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Wheel Adapters & Spacers Automotive 32mm Set of 4 82.5mm

🔔This came with the Ultimate TJ Lift Kit from DPG Off Road: http://dpgoffroad.com/products/old-man-em For example, in the old days of the TJ, you'd install a body lift so that you could put lift blocks on the two front motor support mount to change the angle of the transmission pinion output shaft and lower it thus elimination possible driveshaft vibrations even further because if you are going with high suspension lift, sometimes, the driveshaft angle becomes your limiting factor even with a A 1.25″ body lift is required and a matching 1″ MML. This kit will work with most aftermarket motor mount lifts and body lifts. The Savvy Transfer Case shifter is a recommended addition to the Savvy Under Armor. Check the option below for best pricing. Some trimming of the cross member may be required for some TJ models.

71.5mm bore, 1/2x20 Studs RockTrix 4pcs 1.25 inch

The Savvy Transfer Case shifter is a recommended addition to the Savvy Under Armor. Check the option below for best pricing. Some trimming of the cross member may be required for some TJ models.

I could get the tools needed You should do an engine lift at the same time . Works well with our Transmission Cross Member kit to run our flat belly skid (SKP-2500 SKP-2510, SKP-4510 & SKP-4500). We also offer a set of new body mounts with a 1" lift built into them for the TJ, LJ & YJ. If you are looking to add a little lift to your 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ then you need to check out this Zone Offroad 1.25" Body Lift kit. This body lift kit is a great way to add some lift to your truck without spending an arm and a leg. 1.25 Inch Body Lift; Increased Ground Clearance; Bolt on Installation; Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon Construction; Fits 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ Models. FREE SHIPPING!